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We have compiled these self-storage tips to help you plan and carry out storing your belongings as efficiently and effectively as possible. This list is not exhaustive but does represent the tips we find most helpful in working with our customers. We recommend printing out this list to have available as you begin your packing.

Frequently Useful Tips
  • Place frequently needed items in front
  • Leave walkway(s) or an aisle through unit
    • To help you more easily access items at the back of the unit after it's full.
  • Use uniform sized boxes to facilitate stacking
    • To help you get the most use of your storage space.
  • Place heavier items at the bottom of boxes
    • To help ensure the boxes aren't top heavy or unstable making them easier to handle.
  • Leave space between boxes and the wall for ventilation
    • To help avoid possible heat and condensation transfer from the walls of non-climate controled units to your boxes.
  • Label boxes listing contents on four sides
    • To help you find the box you're looking for most easily regardless of how the boxes are stacked.
  • Position boxes close together to reduce moisture accumulation between them
    • To help prevent condensation on the walls of boxes.
  • Number boxes and prepare an inventory list
    • To help you more easily find stored items later on and also to save you time making trips to the unit to find out if something you are looking for is in there.
  • Stack boxes on boards or pallets to guard against dampness
    • To lessen risk of damage to the bottom of boxes in the event of water collection on the floor.
  • Mark boxes containing breakable items as "Fragile"
  • Large furniture items and mattresses such as sofas can be stacked on end in waterproof covers. Cover all stuffed furniture.
    • To most efficiently use your space and also protect against possible moisture damage.
  • Use empty space of large appliances or furniture to store bedding, linens, etc.